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White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

White is a winter color and also a great one to create amazing designs! Let’s get started.

Winter time in London could be a little white and that’s such an amazing color to match with the city atmosphere. Let’s walk along side, and take a look at this white interior design ideas. If you look from the exterior you will have a beautiful city, and from the inside an amazing and modern decoration.


Everything in the right place!

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

Collins dining chair is an elegant piece that likes to match with every little detail in the room. That’s why, Vinicus dining table and Ivete lamp have to be there as well.They will guaranteed the harmony between elements and give the idea that white and gold are meant to be together. A great and comfy place after a a walk on the big London.

Bringing the movie vibe to the interiors!

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

United Kingdom has this unique atmosphere for recording movies, that’s why some very popular films were filmed in this streets. If in one hand you have the whole Harry Potter tradition, in another you can have Casa Blanca’s in your decoration with Kelly Bar Chair. Inspired by the curved and sculpted arches from the bar is perfect for a modern house.

As white as can get!

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

For the real white lovers, there is nothing better than come back from the snow, and have your favorite furniture just waiting for you. Monocles sideboard fits in every place of your house. It works like a place to keep the important things, but also as only a decorative piece. If, even so, you would like to extend the contemporary decoration ideas: an white pop art will turn this, as well, in a room so modern as can get!

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Contrast is always a good idea!

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

Snow is always look something so amazing also because is contrasting with city architecture. The same happens when it comes to interior decoration. Florence stool in white is perfect to match with Kahn sideboard in black.

Mid-century in white

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

British Interior Design has this mid-century touch that ended up creating timeless decorations. That is one more things that helps keeping alive this classic vibe from London! Loren armchair, is perfect to combine with the city vibe, and perfect for retro chic lovers.

Illuminated for the mid-century modern brightness

White Interior Design Ideas to Mach with London’s Winter!

Mid-century modern brings a special brightness. In one side this design heritage and in another a modern look that will make this a glamours living room. And when we speak about this style there are pieces that ready for combining with it: Grace armchair, Lautner center table and Craig console.

Things to do in London can be infinitive, even more when winter around! But after a while, you can warm up and just work in decorating projects. For that moments, the ideas are infinite as well, but white is always a good idea! And you’re matching with the season.


Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!

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