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Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

Decorations that will make you want to visit London even more

There are interior projects that are just simple and timeless at the same time: the right piece in the right place and everything became special. From residential to hospitality, let’s get to know some works that reflects this amazing mix between classic and traditional!


 Timeless, Subtle and Elegant

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

This project is the result of a mixing recipe between this three ingredients: timeless, subtle and elegant. In one moment you’re just walking through the streets of London and then: here comes the sun… the sun that the Cue design, Ktesius and Essential Home brings to you by using warmy pieces with a tropical vibe.

Luxury comes from the inside… of your home!

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

This one is an example of Luxury interior design putting into a picture, by Harrods Interiors. One of the most reputable firms in UK. Eaton Penthouse is a residential project that brings all the magic to the inside!

Art on the walls!

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

This project it probably give you a lot of decorating ideas and will inspire you. This large property in Barnes, by Tailored Living Design Studio,  was renovated and transformed into a more sophisticated place. In one hand this heritage is everywhere – including the walls – and in another you have all of this contemporary furniture that gives a delicious look!

Essential Home Catalogue
The winner takes it all!

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

This award restaurant will leave you breathless. From now, everytime that you might be looking for interior design companies in London, Robert Angell will come to you. Piccolino restaurant, in the London’s heart, is a great place to visit, not only by the design, but also because of the great food.

Casual and modern

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

Zebra interior brings to London an Asian vibe: PF Changs Asian Table in London’s Covent Garden. There is one  secret on this restaurant’s family: each one has a different design, besides the Asian influence. In this case, there is this british vibe from the mid-century era that makes this place just timeless!

Redesigning but keeping it classic!

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

Michaelis Boyd was the one redesigning the iconic Groucho Club in Soho, London. There is one the examples of: right pieces in the right place. Everything was drawn to create a natural connection between rooms. Even though the classic and the colors are there to keep a mid-century and signature for an everlasting classic design.

Art Deco tradition of luxury

Interior Projects Around London that Are Just Timeless!

This luxury portrait is a residential work, designed by Goddard Littlefair together with Foster & Partners for one of this big clients: St James Group. The final result was a piece of art deco, with the most contemporary and modern materials.

It can be a restaurant or a property, London interior design is this rich! Timeless projects were made by the best designers and furniture companies and it always worth to take a look at it: you can find new ideas, you can also be inspired by this works and and also get to know great companies!


Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!

A Design Meeting Between Masters of Hospitality Projects

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