For over 82 years, Hotelympia has stood at the forefront of hospitality innovation, bringing thousands of businesses and buyers to market and championing one of the UK’s most vibrant industries. This year, the iconic show returns from 5-8 March to showcase once again the trends and future of hospitality design and supply, take a look at what you can expect from Hotelympia 2018!

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Exhibiting – Introducing 4 new shows

HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON  HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON kitchen show 640x180The Professional Kitchen Show – The main part of any restaurant is its kitchen, where the magic happens! The best equipment, new technology, kitchen designs and new trends!

HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON food show 640x180The Foodservice Show – Food and Drink is at the centre of every great hospitality experience. Customers return to restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs for the great food and drink available, so it’s important for outlets to source the highest quality products that meet their customers’ needs.

HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON hospitality tech show 640x180Hospitality Tech Show – Technology is revolutionising the hospitality sector. People are looking for the right solutions and latest innovations to improve all aspects of their business, home, from back-room operations to enhancing the customer experience. 

HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON  HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON interior and tableware 640x180Interiors & Tableware Show – this show at Hotelympia 2018 caters for every front-of-house need – furniture, soft furnishing, bathroom and spa, tableware, interior design and lighting!




HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON  HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON Hotelympia225 Busy Halls 2012 640x407Over 700 exhibitors from all kind of different areas! There will be brands such as: Anolis lighting, Liqui group, Festive lights ltd, Acorn hospitality systems ltd and so many more!
The latest in Hospitality Design and the servicing business, and the future technologies will be presented for every style of hotel, restaurant and bar.



HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON new 640x336 In Hotelympia there are always plenty of seminars, conferences, talks and speakers! This event will have different stages – Cafe commerce stage, Hospitality futures stage, Tech innovation stage, The Launchpad, The Staff canteen live! Anywhere you’ll go you will get the chance to answer all your questions related to these topics and interact with the experts.

Introducing Hospitality Futures – new feature stage designed to deliver the answers and solutions to the burning questions surrounding the future of our industry.


Ultimate Dining Experience

HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON  HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON Bombay f 640x293Brought to you by Hotelympia in partnership with SquareMeal intends to find out. From Pop-Up to bistro, plates to slates, industrial lighting to candlelight and everything in between.


HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON Hotelympia BW Uncropped 8483AF 640x427This event that brings over 82 years of experience is a unique opportunity to you to get know everything about hospitality including lighting, interior design, business itself and so much more than that!
For more info about schedules and events, please visit the event’s website here.



HOTELYMPIA 2018 WHAT’S ON 3 Providence Hotel