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Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IV)

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)


Every style is different—what unites them is their greatness. With excellent portfolios and a creative vision, that combines functionality and sophistication, all these interior designers takes the lead of there ambiguous projects. Every work they do is unique and stylist, so here is our list of 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IV).

Charlotte Crosland Interiors

Top 100 UK Interior Designers


Charlotte Crosland Interiors start working in 2000 and since then has become renowned for designing some of the most stylish interiors that can easily be contemporary, traditional or a combination of the two.

Creating interiors that are comfortable, elegant and incredibly welcoming; ‘Everyone needs colour, comfort, individualism and a long-lasting end result in both quality and look in their home’.  She adds ‘It is important to love being in one’s home’.

Collett Zarzycki

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Founded more than 30 years ago, Collett-Zarzycki is best known for its attention to detail and careful use of elegant and characterful materials. The design approach is informed and influenced by their deep-rooted understanding of classical architecture as well as being evolutionary.

The creators, Anthony Collett and Andrzej Zarzycki, create a progressive, flexible and innovative design; glamour, peppy colour palettes and interesting collections of artworks are their mark.

d’Erlanger and Sloan Interior Design

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

In 2008, Emilia d’Erlanger and Anna Sloan launched their interior design firm, d’Erlanger and Sloan, with the objetive to create understating and inspiraring interiors.
Mixing contemporary designs with antique pieces, they draw inspiration from their surroundings, rummaging through antique shops and creating the beautiful out of the unexpected.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Max de Rosee and Claire Sa are the owners of this multi-disciplinary practice. The company covers from architecture, interior design, furniture design and project management.

The designers understand the need of having a confortable home that looks modern, pared back and carefully considered.

Edward Bulmer

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Edward Bulmer combines his design work with his successful natural paint company which lead him to be one of this century’s supreme conjurors of beauty in interiors, both historic and modern.

Edward treats every client different and is knowned for his originality, sophistication and fresh ambiance..

Faye Toogood

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Faye Toogood is an artist that work on a diverse range of disciplines, from sculpture to furniture and fashion.

Her unique style is modern, often conceptual and highly curated.

Fran Hickman

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Fran Hickman has become one of the most talked and famous interior designer. Her projects are precision, poise and harmonic.

“Proportion, scale and light are all deployed with the simple objective of making the built environment better, thus enhancing mood, behaviour and even relationships.’ Hickman says.

Gavin Houghton Interior Design

TOP 100 UK Interior Designers

Gavin Houghton’s English interior design craft reveals a passion for combining colour, pattern, texture, the artisan and all things decorative.

Based on a sophisticated ability to combine different historical eras, hi has a bold and refined eye. Houghton use the vintage and the modern, the geometric and the floral, to create interiors of character.

Guy Goodfellow

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Since 2002, Guy Goodfellow works with an experienced team of architects, draughtsmen, and interior designers. His inimitable style is characterised by a blend of discreet sophistication, elegance, comfort and English classicism.

Goodfellow has an knowledge of architectural details and restoration expertise.

Hackett Holland

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Jane Hackett and Jonathan Holland set up this multidisciplinary firm in 2001. Both have sensitivity and fantastic colour sense to create spaces that are beautifully proportioned, considered, responsive, functional and formed using good-quality and sustainable materials.


Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay sees spaces like nobody else by always seeking for their potential; She explains “It is all about a careful edit, looking for inspiration everywhere and never dismissing things out of hand.”

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay creates a style by combining old with new so that the finished project can never be dated.

Hugh Leslie

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

With more than 30 years of experience, Hugh Leslie creates its own set of possibilities for every client and project by observing them with fresh eyes allows the creativity to flow.

Hugh’s work is evident in every single detail, due to the great emphasis he places on craftsmanship and the integrity of materials.

Woody Clark

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Woody Clark is knowed for being one of the best designer for important historic houses, big bits of furniture and light-reflective surfaces.

Woody has an eye for detail and loves creating light by colours; “As long as you use light, bright colours you can achieve airiness,”; Bright red or Cornish blue, “which I love because it reminds me of the sea, and it also fits in rather well with a little plan I have got for the kitchen.”

William Smalley

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Simplicity is the key for William Smalley’s work, who continues the tradition of great architects for whom the result was only as good as the care and intention put in.

Smalley has a cool harmony and loves misture between vintage and modern.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Henriette von Stockhausen launched her career in 2000 by creating VSP Interiors, specialists in large country houses.

For nearly two decades, Henriette has been creating schemes with grandeur and flair. Comfort is key for her, as are antiques. While her designs are classic in their architecture, she has a lightness of touch when it comes to combining old and new.

Virginia White

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Virginia White has focused on the development of her own furniture, fabric and wallpaper lines. She has an English classical with a vintage Scandinavian twist and loves using her knowledge of art history in her projects and merging all the skills she learnt along the way.

The Interior Workshop

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

The team brings creativity expertise and interior design knowledge to create an unique style statement. They are knowed for working a variety of styles and a range of interior aesthetics, never getting too comfortable with a particular ‘look.’ Regardless of whether the client live in a country house or a modern apartment.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Veere has a small team and is fully involved in every project. They are masters of contrasts marrying the humble with the grand and clean modernity with classicism, knowing when to pull out the stops and when to show quiet restraint, creating interiors that are, at once, serene and exciting and never forgetting that rooms should be comfortable and livable.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Sarah Vanrenen and Louisa Greville Williams are childhood friends. Their tastes always combine colour, richly layered and life-enhancinghave decades of collective interior design experience.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

Todhunter Earle has been at the forefront of the international interior design industry for over 20 years. With a highly professional team handling a diverse range of (usually large-scale) projects, they worked on two important historic houses – Rodmarton Manor in Gloucestershire (Grade I-listed Arts and Crafts) and Reddish House in Wiltshire (once home to Cecil Beaton).


That´s our full Top Interior Designers in the UK. Let me know which designers you like the most!

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part IIII)

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