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Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Top 100 UK Interior Designers

Every style is different—what unites them is their greatness. With excellent portfolios and a creative vision, that combines functionality and sophistication, all these interior designers takes the lead of there ambiguous projects. Every work they do is unique and stylist, so here is our list of 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III).

Adam Bray

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Adam Bray Design has over 25 years’ experience working internationally on residential and commercial projects with a background in antique dealing.

Adam´s eyes are original and impeccable which gives him a unique perspective. His use of colour is distinctive and so is his decorating techniques, values and aesthetics with modern technology and service; He loves designing comfortable rooms that are luxurious, eclectic and unpretentious, deeply comfortable with great respect for practicality and the intelligent use of materials.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

His approach is meticulous and deeply respectful of the buildings he works on. He champions sustainable design, investing in traditional craftsmanship and properly made furniture that stands the test of time by always considering the building as a client too, and respond to its character, its mood and style.

Berdoulat is a interior designer that responds to historic buildings in such a way that it evokes the spirit of the place.

Bryan O’Sullivan

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Bryan can work perfectly if it is with private clients as with hotels and restaurants. His style is classically inspired, eclectic and pared back; ‘My starting point in any project is the layout and flow of the space. It can be the most beautiful room, but if it does not function properly it is not successful.’ he says.

Caroline Paterson Interiors

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Focussing on both Contemporary and Traditional work, the Caroline Paterson Interiors delivers detailed Interior Architecture, Joinery, Bespoke Furniture, Rugs, and Lighting Design, for all over the world.

Caroline is very clever in her use of space and her style can be described as eclectic and versatile, with the foundation of her inspiration based predominantly on architecture, about which she cares deeply.

Cave Interiors

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Georgina Cave, the creative director and founder of Cave Interiors, defend that a home should be always authentic to the architecture and making sure that they express the client’s needs, lifestyle and personality – not the designer’s signature.

Cave Studios produces solutions which are highly creative in their use of space, colour and detail, yet never look ‘designed’, thats why her projects feel friendly, relevant and fun without being off-puttingly cool.

Charles Rutherfoord

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Charles Rutherfoord work is founded in the structural and sculptural and it seems to have plenty tension between the contemporary and the classic.

His spatial design and eye for detail are exemplary. ‘There is a stillness to my work and people might come to notice different things in the design – the details. That is important.’ concluding that details have to be balanced with confort and pleasure.

Colin Orchard

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Colin Orchard has a English country-house style and its a highly experienced decorator, who led a design team at Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler.
Colin´s job is to be the best he possibly can by always having in mind the wishes and lifestyle of the client. “I always try to subtly impose our flair and experience, never to intimidate or make the clients feel belittled.” he said.

Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Since 1964 that Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi has been designing homes and commercial projects around the world; The group, first established by David Mlinaric, works globally on an extensive range of projects – from private houses, galleries and hotels.

Their projects includes London’s National, Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Opera House and British embassies; They execute their designs with razor-sharp attention to detail and an unwavering conviction as to what works and what does not.

Douglas Mackie Design

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Douglas Mackie set up his own company in 1995, and has built up a loyal clientele internationally. He creates carefully curated and sophisticated interiors and does not shy away from strong colour and statement art.

Flora Soames

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Flora Soames discerning eye and instinct for channelling both old and new has been formed through a lifetime love of collecting furniture, textiles and accessories. Her schemes tend to be essentially English and understated, with an eclectic mix of art, antiques and craftsmanship.

The interior designer adapt her work in a way that is comfortable, stylish and practical. Her modern yet eclectic approach is key to translating and responding to each client’s needs with an emphasis on service, quality, craftsmanship and longevity.

Grant White Design

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Grant White´s projects are distinctly different. It only depends on the location, architecture and brief; “Every interior should be a reflection, extension and expression of the clients personality and taste – stretched and enhanced by our interpretation and bespoke execution using only the finest craftsmen and materials” he said.

Grant is knowed by always listening to his clients and observing how they live; In this way he develops highly attractive and meaningful environments and work on a grand scale with bespoke execution at its heart.

Studio Ashby

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Having Sophie Ashby as the Creative Director, Studio Ashby creates spaces with a unique identity. Their main purpose is to bring authenticity to each project using natural materials and textures. .She has honed a fresh yet distinctly glamorous style underpinned by good art and craftsmanship.

Susie Atkinson Design

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Susie Atkinson loves to create spaces that are inviting, timeless and indulge all of the senses.

Not influenced by passing trends or fashion, the artist has a flair for balancing materials, pattern and colour, so her interiors are always harmonious, combining the traditional and contemporary with ease and always focus on enhancing the architecture of a space without compromising on a high level of sophistication and comfort.

Suzy Hoodless

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Suzy Hoodless is a British taste maker who is known for a bold pops of colour and distinctive vintage pieces mixed with the very modern. The interior designer combine colour confidence with sophisticated taste to create timeless and bespoke interiors; Creating a glamorous spaces with an often unexpected edge.

Turner Pocock

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

 Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock goal is simple: to help the clients to live better in their homes; “First we listen, then we interpret these dreams and – importantly – we add rigour, efficiency and our trusted network of the best suppliers in the world. The alchemy of this mix creates homes that stand out because they are authentic representations of each and every client’s tastes and needs.”
Their work is based on pattern and rich colour with a simple touches of tradicional.

Virginia Howard

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Virginia Howard has a reputation for flexible and skilful interpretation of her clients’ wishes. Having a sensitive eye, Howard´s work is focus on attention to detail and delivering projects to budget and on time which leads to long-term relationships with her clients and a versatile portfolio of design styles.  

Virginia believes that “interior design is about creating havens as an antidote to the modern world.”.

Waldo Works

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

The design studio, started by Tom Bartlett, is adored for modern sensibility with a British touch they put in all projects.

The team takes on a vast gamut of projects all around the world, ranging from interiors to architecture, products, and custom furnishings. All of their projects have a clean, colourful and sometimes edgy feel derived from the strong architectural background of the practice.

Andrew Martin

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

40 years ago Martin Waller create Andrew Martin, and since then has garnered a reputation for translating his far-flung travels into interiors. For every project the client gets a personal service from professional experts who studies the space and vision of the client, which make every project unique and with a story to tell

Starting by an interesting texture, a vintage fabric, a colour taken from a piece of artwork, their work reach to the right feeling and the right expression. All creative and technical aspects are considered.

Campbell- Rey

Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Created in 2014, Campbell-Rey is a design partnership and creative consultancy founded by Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey with the mission of creating spaces that are playful, elegant aesthetic and fantastical.

Together they have undertaken commissions for some of the worlds most innovative and desirable brands.


Top 100 UK Interior Designers (Part III)

Elicyon is a multi award-winning luxury interior design studio that focus on the flow of a room and the interplay of light; offering turnkey residential interior design, interior architecture, project management and furniture design services for private individuals and property developers.

The founder, Charu Gandhi, knows that is important to have an understanding of the ultimate balance between luxury and artisan techniques.


Hope these 20 names have awaken your curiosity. Part III is coming really soon! Keep an eye on it!

Full list of the Top 100 Interior Designers in a few weeks!

Top 100 UK Interior Designers


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