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Top 5 UK Unique Fabrics Brands

Unique Fabrics are something essential in your home décor and can make the complement it most of all when used in upholstery. The company is an international leader in the design and marketing of exclusive furnishing and unique upholstery fabrics.

We would like to present you a selection of 5 UK unique fabrics brands. The 5 UK fabrics brands belong to ROMO Group, established in 902 and based in Nottinghamshire.

Mark Alexander offers exclusive and original textiles and wallcoverings. Their design focus is Broadly eclectic in style and in reinvent what was made, creating modern classic textiles and wallcoverings.
TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 1 TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 2


Justin Marr and Joanna Ledgard are the designers behind the Zinc Textile brand. Justin has long been fascinated by the glamorous style of the 1970s, championed by figures such as Roy Halston and René Gruau, which is reflected in the style of his most recent fabric collections and the furniture he has used to style Zinc from the beginning.

TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 3 TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 4

Villa Nova designs are very eclectic range of printed fabrics, decorative weaves, sheers and wallcoverings. All ranges have been cleverly designed to co-ordinate together from collection to collection with seamless ease.

TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 5 TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 6

Villa Nova has a distinctive signature colour palette incorporating an extensive variety of classic and contemporary shades, which are creative, but also easy to live with.

Maison Valentna

One of the main Kirkby Design feautures is the unique colour palette, which is made up of an extensive range of practical neutrals such as, Porcini, Bark, Jute and Twine, interspersed with fashionable shades including Orange, Eden, Magenta and Cobalt which results in unique fabrics.

TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 7 TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 8

Black Edition offers exclusively designed collections infused with rich, contemporary and elegance. Black Edition blends sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette.

TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 10 TOP-UK-5-Fabric-Brands 11

ROMO Group has a lot of showrooms in Europe and in United States like London, Paris, Munich, New York, Florida and Washington DC.

Beautifully, furnished with all the brand’s latest designs, the flagship showrooms provide an inspiring environment in which to view the collections.

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