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Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017

Spring is the season of changes and new beginnings. It is time to say goodbye to the winter colors and step into the more joyful world of Spring. With that comes a batch of new interior design trends to inspire anyone to give their home decor a refreshing makeover. BRABBU has several ambiances inspired in Pantone’ Spring/Summer Color Trends that will convince any interior design lover that it is time for a home refresh. Get inspired by BRABBU with its newest Spring Trends for 2017!




Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017 Refresh Any Interior With Greenery
Symbolic of new beginnings, Greenery has won the prize as colour of the year 2017. This yellow-green hue will revitalize and refresh any interior. Able to work wonderfully as an accent chair or simply through small appointments, it will bring a touch of Nature to any project.


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017 Flame, The Vibrant Colour For Any Interior
A vibrant new hue based on red and orange tones that will provide a strong personality and an elegant look to any space. This is one of the perfect colours for any interior design, since it is neither a neutral or a super bold colour that will fit perfectly in a classic yet stylish home décor or hospitality project.


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017 Kale, The Luxurious Hue
Kale is a foliage-based green which makes anyone connect to Nature. If Greenery is not a favorite, try this beautiful shade of green, a more sober yet sophisticated option. Tip: it looks extra luxurious in velvet furniture pieces!


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017 The Trendy Lapis Blue
The trendy Lapis Blue is an intense blue shade which will add energy and joy to any room. Do you want to make a statement without being too bold? Opt for this beautiful hue since it is as elegant as stylish and it will make your house look great all year round.


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017 Hazelnut, The Symbol Of Elegance
Hazelnut is a key neutral that is both elegant and timeless. Above all, it is a transitional color that will effortlessly connect the different seasons. Perfect for any interior design professional who appreciates the beauty of neutrals.


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017Embrace A Bold Interior With Pink Yarrow
Spring is the perfect season to add some colour into a hospitality project. Don’t be afraid to play with accent colours, rich textures, and statement pieces. If you’re feeling brave, go with Pink Yarrow, a vibrant and whimsical pink that will steal anyone’s attention, whether through a statement furniture piece or small décor accessory.


Spring Trends by BRABBU for 2017Pick Primrose Yellow For A Cheerful Home This Spring
For a sparkle of heat and vitality, these colours are the perfect way to add warmth and a good cheer to any space. This season you can start incorporating some tropical touches that go very well with this color while creating a dreamy interior.

Article written by: Rita Rodrigues


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