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Sketch Restaurant London – Art at one place

Sketch Restaurant London - Art at one place

We invite you to have an english Afternoon Tea at this special house: Sketch Restaurant London, to experience an unique gastronomy event!

Sketch, besides being a luxurious restaurant on a beautiful 18th Century house at  Conduit Street,  it was conceived by the owner, Mourad Mazouz and french master chef Pierre Gagnaire to a social luxury event of food, drinks, art and music.

Master chef Pierre Gagnaire awarded twice the coveted Michelin star, brings to Sketch Restaurant London the emotion of an imaginative, bold and delicious cuisine.

Food is in the middle, is the heart and around it there’s art, décor, music and drinks. On this stuning architectural building we can experience different spaces with distinguish souls: from one space to another there is an offer of different products. The Gallery, the Lecture room, the Parlour, the Glade and the East Bar brings you an unique taste!

Sketch Restaurant London - Art at one place

Afternoon Teas are served at David Shrigley‘s Gallery, this room changes décor every two years. At this moment  this unique artist brings to Sketch Restaurant London, 239 new works that line the restaurant’s walls, forming the largest group of original drawings has ever exhibited. This décor conceived by the renown french architect/ interior designer India Mahdavi, creates a classy pink room, delicate and very feminine.

Sketch Restaurant london - Art at one placeSketch Restaurnat london - Art at one place

This special Afternoon Tea started with a glass of champagne Pommery Brut Silver, then a very special tea complete this unique beginning. A set of sandwiches and patisserie creates the highlight of these emotions. The egg and caviar sandwiches were a must!

Sketch Restaurant London - Art at one place

The scones were the last treat of this fantastic tea time.

The name ‘Pierre Gagnaire’ is synonymous of adventurous and iconoclastic cooking and by the hand of  Johannes Nuding and Herve Deville (executive chefs of Sketch) the food are introduced exceptionally!

We had a very interesting little conversation with executive chef Herve Deville how show us  the soul of this food:

Cooking as an Art , what is the concept beyond this ?

The base is the traditional afternoon tea, but we try to put some of modernity, to use the  creativity of the Master Chef of Cusine and the vision of sir Mazouz. We wanted  to give a twist to the english afternoon tea.

Whart kind of emotions you want to create on the clients with this kind of food?

I don’t know, everyone is very personal, If i can give emotion is my goal! Maybe it can be memories of childhood , with  the  marshmallows that you remember when you were a kid. For the sandwiches is more classical but of course we put some caviar and egg, it’s a twist!

Otherwise it would be coming very traditional english afternoon tea.  With the patisserie it’s more easy to do something more crazy and to be innovative for the sweat part.

The space changes every two years, so you change also the menu? The space and the menu will combine together?

Yes, we change this, for the evening menu we do a dish about the artist David Shrigley, what he likes… but for us is like an emotion, an inspiration. When you are  surrounded with so much creation you want to be creative as well. You always want to do something new.

So if I will be back again one month later I will find some news?

Yes, actually on the end of the month we will go change it . ..normally we change twice a year. For example if you come on Summer we will be red fruit full season

I can imagine on Christmas time you have a special menu?

Yes, we do special afternoon tea as well, for two weeks festivity. In many occasions we have also afternoons teas related to other themes, we will do for the Desna- Mostovaya movies for the movie ‘Into the Woods”a two weeks movie inspiration. We are thinking on this, watch the movie

You have some kind of an agenda/events  for these afternoon teas?

Yes, we need these changes, we have a lot of volume teas served, we don’t want to give all the same thing. We want that you don’t feel the same feeling.

During three days we had served about  700 afternoon teas, is a big volume of work. You need to be ready as well..

And how is the organization in the Kitchen with so many dishes coming out?

We have a lot of chefs, we have 50 ..for example the first one is here at 6 a.m. for the patisserie and sandwiches ,. one hour later the kitchen opens and at   6 p.m.  they will go home. In the evening  It will arrive  other team to be ready for tonight dinner. When you have quantities like this we need to be organized like this . We need to control the quality and each day to each day has always some news..

We want that clients will be happy and be  back again.”

Yes, we will be back again to this special place with different atmospheres, If you visited the East bar you will be surprised by the acoustic and décor:

Sketch Restaurant London - Art at one place

And on top of this, the bathroom egg specially designed for you is a surprising atmosphere, very contemporary!

The Glade is a magical garden surrounded by the nature mistery:

Sketch Restaurant London - Art at one place

Also enjoy The Lecture and Library room – a sophisticated and luxurious dining room. Sketch’s two Michelin starred fine dining restaurant:

Sketch Restaurant london - Art at one place

Parlour is very casual, when you come from the  street you can have a coffee or lunch. At 9 p.m. it turns into a private member’s bar:

Sketch Restaurant London -Art at one place

Is so easy to fall in love with this special place. Once you have been there you want to back again! We will definitely come back when we go back to London. Fall in love with this pure art..

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