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The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

It looks that time of the year has come. So that means: Christmas decor! Let’s do it!

Time is passing by, and suddenly you have all of this decoration to prepare and furniture pieces to get to know. Well, we already prepare the ideas for you. This is the mid-century modern furniture for a timeless decoration!


Doors open to Christmas!

The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

This one goes directly to living room ideas list. Nothing better than a place to gather everyone, and here there is anything that you might need: Konstantin center table, Monroe armchair and Hepburn cabinet. There are the three ingredients that you might need for creating the full interior recipe. The color game is the interesting part: you can play just the way you want it. From the orange to the white, with a mid-century style in mind, everything is possible.

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From the nature green to the classical Christmas tree green

The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

For those who like to keep it traditional, the green tree might be a starting point in this christmas decorationprocess. After that is just going with the flow. Ellen armchair in green, is the next step for completing a classing vibe…Yes, we know is still missing something. The fireplace is also ready and presents are also waiting for being open it. Maybe there is a little accessory to turn this place even more in the mood!

White and modern

The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

White and modern ares meant to be together. And with a classic touch on it, get ready for having a mid-century modern home. Some suggestions to achieve that:combine the neutral Gable sofa and the walnut of Hoppman side table with Quantum golden mirror. It seems simple right?

Christmas dinner time

The living room is ready but it is not enough. An important place is missing: dinning room! Let’s get to know the best furniture for giving some personality to the space.

“Red is the color, red is the lover”

The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

Just like a song told us once, red is the color, and this seasons probably is very exciting for interior design and red lovers. Besides that, it really is a christmassy color, that make us travel back in time. Jones dining chair, comes to bring this energy to your dining room.

Christmas (mid-century) lights: on!

The mid-century modern furniture for your Christmas wonderland!

There are creative ways of making a special decoration year by year. Using a different and mid-century lighting could be one of them. Ivete Palmtree floor lamp will make you ambiance brighter with his golden leaves. To just match it, use little golden details in another pieces: Collins dining chair and Vinicus dining table that also create a delicious duality and contrast.



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