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Luxury Comes From the Inside… of Your Favorite Place!

Picking up the right hotel is an important part of every trip planning. Let’s take a look to some of them in London!

Some people say that luxury comes from the inside… Well, it is true. But it can be from the inside of your home, the hotel that you had chosen, the bar that you’re planning to go… We prepared you a list of luxury hotels around London. You just have to choose one!


The Connaught

Luxury Comes From the Inside… of Your Favorite Place!

The elegant Connaught make you feel like you are in a different world…  world where this amazing decoration is an inspiration. All of the pieces that you might see there are hand made and that made them even more special. You also can enjoy the opportunity to be at some of the hotel events. As they say “your wish is their command”.

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

Sometimes you’re not looking but the news comes to you… so, the entrance of  Four Seasons Hotel speaks for himself and you can say that is love at first sight. And after knowing a little bit more about this luxury hotel and seeing some pictures is difficult to just let go. But it is fine… because if you’re planning some trip to actually meet the street of London you can start with the hotel view!

Corinthia Hotel London

This one is a place to spend the day and also a great place to have some dinner. This hotel decoration can actually be an idea to turn your dinning room in something that looks alike. The best news is Corinthia Hotel is on the London center. So, you already have the night planned in here, the meals too, so what’s the next stop?

The Milestone Hotel and Residences

Luxury Comes From the Inside… of Your Favorite Place!

If you’re looking for a place where vintage and luxury meet, you can stop looking. Every space in here has his unique personality, and they were built from the dramatic to the serene.The Milestone is just on the heart of Kensington, so you can start your day early to visit some of London iconic places and get back just in time for the traditional British afternoon tea.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Luxury Comes From the Inside… of Your Favorite Place!

A good place to stay is the one that you only have to leave to meet the history of the city, and for that, you must be at the streets and places. Except that, you can just spend the night, you can relax on the living room and watch a movie… Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is perfect for all of that. His Asian heritage brings a modern interior design with really special simplicity and refinement at the same time. It almost looks like easy!

The Dorchester

Luxury Comes From the Inside… of Your Favorite Place!

With a view to the Hyde Park, this is exactly the kind of richness that people are looking for. You can feel comfortable surrounded by the most amazing pieces, but also, you can just go to the window and take a look at the calm green space of Hyde Park. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful place but also a luxurious space with an stunning interior design, you might want consider this one, where the mind and the heart meet the perfect balance.

Bulgari Hotel & Residences London

There is so much more to see in London, but this one is a must in London Hotels list. In Bulgari Hotel you can find luxury, vintage and pop art. The result of mix three ingredients recipe is amazing! So if you don’t feel like going out some night you can just stay here and enjoy  this vibe with the company of a good book.

So, it is true… luxury comes from the inside. In this case, from the inside of this hotels that gives you that feeling of being in amazing places. And this is the power of the interior design, make you feel good with yourself. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take a look at the amazing city of London!


Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!

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