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Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

The struggle of finding room for all your stuff in a small house is real. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room, these small space home decor ideas will save your life. After all, no one ever complained about having too much space, right?

Shrink Your Dining Space

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Getting yourself some extra space it’s a great way to start, so ditch your giant dining table and choose a small one, round dining table instead.

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Trick The Eyes

One of the oldest tricks in the book and probably one of the easiest ways to maximize your house: Mirrors will make your space feel larger, airier, and lighter.

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Use mirrors to your advantage! Don’t overwhelm your walls with lots of flashy art (a quick way to make a small room feel even smaller) and instead, embrace mirrors as decorative pieces. It can add an attractive visual element and give your room the illusion of appearing larger than it actually is.

Bigger Furnishings It’s Always A Good Option

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

It may seem absurd, but outfitting a small space with just a few large-scale pieces, rather than a lot of small ones, can actually make it feel spacious. Go bigger, but fewer.

Go Neutral

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Fool the eye into thinking they’re more spacious than they are by painting the rooms with calm, even-toned rooms. Make sure to add subtle patterns and textures to keep the space from falling flat.

Create A Piece Of Art Out Of Your House

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Take the small space and turn them into colour and playful room. Statement wallpaper and a unique light fixture dress up this powder room.

Tricks To Make It Look Bigger

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

  • Green and Yellow are both receding colours that will create the illusion of more space
  • A white and natural colour palette with green is excellent for small space.
  • You can have bright colours, but keep them to smaller shapes and not too many colours.
  • Use vertical lines in your decor e.g. drapes, plants, patterns and artwork shapes to create the illusion of higher ceilings
    Reduce the use of circles and curves to the bare minimum as these shapes will create a more cluttered looking space
  • Dress your larger walls to their proportion. This means larger art again. Large art that incorporates a distant view, in keeping with your decor style, will create the illusion of more space.

Top Ideas To Maximize Your Home Decor

Finding ways to maximize the space in your small home may feel like a challenge at first, but with a little effort and strategy, you can easily make the most of each room in your home.

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