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Electric Cinema in Portobello

Electric cinema in Portobello is that place where for 18 quid you can enjoy the latest blockbuster from the comfort of a business-class lounger. The triumph of branded leisure has gone hand in hand with the filling in of unoccupied spaces that made London and Berlin centres of variously subversive happenings.

Electric Cinema Portobello 2

The interiors of the Electric Cinema Portobello counts with sixty-fice armchairs with footstools and side tables that offer unparalleled comfort. In addition there are three 2-seater sofas as the rear of the theatre. That is not all: the big room has six double beds in the front row providing a unique cinema experience. The decoraration is a reflection of cinema’s long history.

Electric Cinema Portobello 4


If you arrived soon enough to have either a wine, beer, champagne or a snack, enjoy the auditorium and bar that open 10 minutes before the addvertised programme time.

Electric Cinema Portobello 7
Electric Cinema Portobello 5

In Portobello, not just the cinema is electric. Adjacent to Electric Cinema, The Electric Diner is all about quick, unfussy food using the best ingredients.

Electric Cinema Portobello 6

Here, you will have the oportunity to enjoy fast and friendly service in the comfort of booth and bar seating, and a specially chosen soundtrack provided by a reel-to-reel machine.


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