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Creativity and Innovation: The Meeting That You Can’t Lose!

Some great talents are getting together to celebrate design! London is the stage for this amazing meeting between creativity and innovation, that is already on.


if you didn’t have a chance to be on the first week, don’t worry, you still have so much to see. You can expect creativity and innovation as well as the best minds. From 5 to 7 of July, you can lose yourself in the middle of great themes.

The second week is going to be about industrial design where you can be in touch with industry professionals, product, furniture, spacial design, interior design and graphic design, illustration, animation motion and digital arts. We prepared you a list of topics that can be important to you:

creativity and innovation the meeting that you can't loseAn Introduction to the Design trust start up morning at New Designers

There are always place to someone else: new designers at London, are welcome, and that is how this field grow year by year. All in here is about dreams, and this sessions can tell you about work in your business dream.

Don’t forget to be creative and set smart goals! Let’s start for the most smartest goal: give an opportunity to the new designers, and if you’re a new design just believe in your work.

A good eye for design – Photography tips from YesHen Venema

Creativity and innovation can be really important when it comes to design and to stay in consumers mind. If you like photography, you proprably know the importance of professional images to make your brand creative. This kind of knowledge actually bring results, and by using social media, the sales can be better. Don’t forget to take some photos and share with us!

How to create successful business in your 20’s or 30’s

What’s is a successful business nowadays? For sure, there are a group work leading by thinkers and makers and a lot of planning.

But well, you can know the answer by listen to some wise personalities: Patricia Van Den Akker, Emma Barnes and Kit Miles – designer award winning of wall paper. If you want to create a successful business in your 20’s or 30’s it’s time to start!

Working with trends

creativity and innovation the meeting that you can't lose creativity and innovation

The first trend that you need to know about: everyone is going to this event, all the design lovers.

Trends are really important, so as a brand, we really need to have a visionary design and be in touch with the market to know our direction. For now, your direction is to this talk session. This discussion painel is very rich and can teach you a lot. You will have the opportunity to know  Simion Hawtin-Smith of Reloved Upholstery and Alexander Wills of Fashion Formula. A little secret: wait to know some secrets as well, of how to work with trends.

Design nation picks tour

Not every work has to be inside of a space. Creativity and design need to search for inspirations in different places. Design nation picks tour is about to that. It will be led by Liz Cooper Manager at Design Nation and Nick Rawcliffe furniture, lighting, and product designer of Raw Studio. It’s going to be about 30-45 minutes of walking throughout design.

Awards Previews

This one is for the design lovers. Nothing better than the opportunity of seeing your work being recognized. Now you can know the results of the Award Previews that happened in 27 June and 4 of July. Don’t forget to take a look at some of the designers of the future.

creativity and innovation the meeting that you can't lose creativity and innovation

You can still be in the next days of one of the most great Design London events. And if you missed it, you can’t take a look at this article and know some of the topics that were discussed. Creativity and innovation are for sure something that you can’t forget and it always be walking side by side with design.


Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!

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