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10 colour trends to decorate your home

Pantone’s colour of the day is a fantastic way to inspire you and your home decor. In this article, we introduce you ten colour trends that Pantone has selected, along with marvellous home decor in these tones. Enjoy these fantastic Pantone colour of the day moodboards by BRABBU!

10 colour trends to decorate your home

10 colour trends to decorate your home

The first color is Ming, which is an exuberant and friendly colour, as Pantone describes it. Looking at this colour, it makes us feel more like spring. Besides, if you add Ming to your home decor, it will give a fresh and energetic effect.  That’s why we introduce you this OREAS Single Sofa. According to the Greek mythology, Oreas is the god of mountains. Therefore, putting this sofa in your home, it will make you feel surrounded by nature.

10 colour trends to decorate your home
Coral Reef

The next colour trend we want to introduce is Coral Reef. According to Pantone, it is an instinctive, independent and social colour. At the same time, it’s a good colour to show your characteristics, because it’s attractive and charming. Take this KANSAS Dining Chair as an example. This chair is inspired by cowboys’ adventures. Combined with coral reef and cowboys’ courage, this chair will be a unique piece in your room.

10 colour trends to decorate your home
Violet Ice

The third colour trend is Violet Ice. According to Pantone, it is a seductive, musical and inspiring colour. Besides, it gives a sense of lightness and spirituality. The same as the CLERK Armchair. Made from cotton velvet, it will definitely bring comfort and warmth to your home.

10 colour trends to decorate your home
Golden Apricot

We’re glad to introduce this color trend — Golden Apricot. According to Pantone, it is an influential, methodical and lively color. Injecting this colour into your room will make your room feel cosier and warmer. Please look at this INCA Armchair. Made from velvet and inspired by the Inca civilization, this armchair will certainly be comfortable as well as luxurious.

10 colour trends to decorate your home

We introduce Amberlight. According to Pantone, it is a dramatic, creative and sensitive colour. This colour is so stylish that will make your room unique. Besides, it will create limitless possibilities on different home decor ideas. Take this MAYA 2 Seat Sofa as an example. This 2 seat sofa in Amberlight will make your room brighter and can match with diverse home decor styles.


10 colour trends to decorate your home
Pastel Lilac

Pastel Lilac. According to Pantone, it is a partner-oriented, stylish, and funny colour. Different from purple, pastel lilac gives a sense of lightness and spirituality. When adding pastel lilac to your interiors, it will make your home stylish and fancy. The same as the MAYA 2-seat sofa. Because it’s a perfect place in a living room set where two unique beings could meet and live in perfect harmony. Besides, made from velvet, it also becomes stylish and comfortable.

10 colour trends to decorate your home
Burnt Orange

Next, we want to recommend this color trend — Burnt Orange. According to Pantone, it is a colourful, unique, and communicating color. This colour will definitely be catchy wherever it is. Look at this HIMBA rug in burnt orange. Made from thin wool by hand, it can bring warmth and comfort to your home. Why not adding this rug to your home to show your uniqueness? 

10 colour trends to decorate your home

Next colour trend is Grasshopper. According to Pantone, it is an enduring, active, and intelligent colour. Different from burnt orange, that displays characteristics, grasshopper makes people feel serene even in the hot summer. Look at this EARTH armchair in which the colour will give a sense of nature and calmness. At the same time, the size and velvet will provide you a good place to rest.


10 colour trends to decorate your home

Daffodil. According to Pantone, it is a generous, spiritual, and entertainer colour. It will make homes full of energy and stylish. This daffodil NAMIB armchair brings a bright colour to your home, making it stylish and spiritual. Besides, the combination of satin cotton and wood make your home luxurious and classic.

10 colour trends to decorate your home

The last recommendation is Nile. According to Pantone, it is a negotiator, clever, and lively colour. It relaxes people’s minds. As for this nile RUKAY armchair, the velvet and shape make it a perfect place to rest for a bit.


As you can see, different colors can bring different feelings. Besides, choosing an appropriate colour is also an important issue when choosing home decor. Furthermore, the choices of interiors can influence your home style and have an effect on your mood. We hope this article will bring useful decorating tips for your next home renovation.



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