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Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

Today we’re going to dedicate a full article just for bedroom ideas! As you already know, the right choice of lighting can change a whole interior design project. What it takes to the side bed lighting we bet on table, pendant and wall lamps (to change a little), which one do you prefer?


Table Lamps

The traditional choice when it takes to side bed lighting are the table lamps. For the ones who want to stay on the safe side this is the easy choice, what doesn’t means that is not a good one. See below some ideas for your side bed lighting.

Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

If you’re looking for a simple and minimalistic choice this one can be the one for you! A white marble base with some gold details giving a sophisticated touch.Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

However, if you prefer a bolder choice, emanating a mid-century vibe, Botti Table can be the solution. This table lamp is from DelightFULL and is inspired by a classic trumpet, its unique shades are handmade in brass with a gold-plated finish to resemble a real instrument and the base in Nero Marquina.


Pendant Lamps

Hanging a pendant light either side of your bed is a clever and efficient way to provide task or mood lighting in your bedroom, however, nowadays hanging pendant lights are as much a design statement as they are a practical solution.

Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

With a Scandinavian design, Ike pendant lamp adds a modern feel to any space. With an elegant and alluring finish, this unique pendant adds a subtle elegance to your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

Another option from DelightFULL is this mid-century pendant lamp that brings you a timeless design. Basie pendent, with their elegant and alluring finishes, adds elegance and a contemporary vibe to your bedroom.


Wall Lamps

Bedside wall lights are an extremely popular form of bedroom lighting, you usually find it in hotels, but now is an option for your own home too. As the pendant lights, the wall lighting option is also an efficient choice and appropriate for small rooms.

Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

Use a wall lighting more task orientated, that will provide light for reading, and at the same time add a vintage and industrial style to your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas: Table, Pendant or Wall Lights?

Or, if you’re looking for a more luxurious style, opt for a mid-century modern wall lamp. Matheny wall light has a complex and attractive geometry design of combined tubes. This unique lamp combines a mid-century modern design with a classic style that will make a statement in your home.

After all those ideas, let us know which one did you loved the most. Table, Pendant or Wall lamps?


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