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Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

Every brand has a history to tell and knowledge to share. Find out more by knowing the project Culture!

Brhands Foudation is openning its door to receiving artisans and designers. More than a project, Culture is a mission to gather in one place that know-how of thinkers and makers as well as elevate craftsmanship.


Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

Covet Group is now looking for adding a new chapter to his journey by making the Covet Town the stage for this meeting. Covet Town is based in Gondomar, near Porto and aims to be now near artisans and designers by keeping the national arts alive. For that is also important join forces of several parts: government entities,  universities, polytechnics, professional centres and artists.

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

The artisan design is the heart of this project and many people is working to keep him healthy. Come with us and take a look at some faces that are sharing the Culture!

Designers from Brhands Foudation, João Barros and Joaquim Paulo are working on that. Joaquim Paulo, wants to elevate crafstmanship and thinks that “this is the moment where we took a break, we were able to understand that these values from these craftsmen are a bit forgotten and we want to give them life again through their knowledge and being able to train people, being able to have some artist residencies, always have an exchange of ideas and making these people the face of this project and not the designers or the brands that, usually, are the ones that have more visibility”.

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

Nuno Barra, Marketing and New Product Development Director at Vista Alegre Atlantis, believes that “there are many points of contact, eventually there are even new types of products that can start from here”.  For Ricardo Triães, Director of the Preservation and Restoration Laboratory, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, the CULTURE project “has much of what is the DNA of our institution, the work of preservation and restoration is essentially about those assets that in some way, either because of the materials, either because of the techniques, or even because of the artists and craftsman and artisans involved, are the objects of greater quality and greater importance”.

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

On a fresh look and in a young designer eyes – Cláudia Nogueira – think that this event goes “ from theory to practice, where we can not only see but be with the artisan, and be close to him and try to understand how it’s done, understand the technique itself, and the components that surround the art”. 

Luís Rocha, Director of CEARTE – Centre for the Professional Training in Craftsmanship, believes “that it’s an extremely ambitious project, but it’s extraordinary, and it’s in line with what’s fought for at a national level and at a European level, for the development of our craftsmanship sector and to sell Portugal out there and in here with what distinguishes us, what identifies us and what makes us different”

All of this team work is looking for distinguish the national arts and Covet Group is a long relationship with the artisan design.

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

Find here the entitites represented:

  • AARN – Association of Artisans from the North Region of Portugal
  • Allen’s Portugal
  • AORP – Portuguese Association of Jewellery and Watches
  • APIMA – Portuguese Association of Furniture Industry
  • “Portugal à Mão” Association – Centre for the Study and Promotion of Portuguese Arts and Trades
  • CEARTE – Centre for the Professional Training in Craftsmanship
  • CENFIM – Centre for the Professional Training in the Metallurgical and Metal-mechanic Industry
  • CINDOR – Centre for the Professional Training in the Jewellery and Watches Industry
  • Designer Raul Pinho
  • Designer Toni Grilo
  • Diário de Notícias
  • FEUP – Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto
  • FPAO – Portuguese Arts and Trades Federation
  • Gondomar’s Institute of Employment and Professional Training
  • Polytechnic Institute of Tomar
  • Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave
  • ISMAI – University Institute of Maia
  • Oficinas Santa Bárbara
  • Art Promoter Nuno Ribeiro
  • Topázio
  • University of Aveiro
  • Vista Alegre

The design world is now growing in Portugal by Covet Group hand. Besides this project, the group has other initiatives – Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit – but with a shared goal: honor the craft techniques always with an eye on the future.

Take a quick look with more detail to this project:



Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!

Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!



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