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When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

Going to London and not visit the traditional British bars is something that you shouldn’t do! Let’s take a look at some of them with great decoration!

So, you are in London, one of the most amazing cities to visit in Europe and beyond that, and visiting the traditional bars is imperative. It is part of the experience package. In spite of having a good time, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to check the mid-century modern look of this bars!


Oriole Bar 

When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

(photo © Oriole Bar website)

The Oriole’s could be the perfect symbiosis between modern and mid-century. That’s why it is such a great place to spend time. You can be at one of the contemporary bars in London, but at the same time, you’ll envolved in a exotic vibe that the mid-century brings up. The felling that you can get? That you’re between glorious and mistery.

A Place Called Happiness: Coffee Houses in Finland

Smith’s Cocktail Bar 

When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

(photo © Trip Advisor)

This a place to celebrate the what vintage has to offer us. In this case beautiful furniture that turn this into one of the most amazing mid-century bars. In Smith’s Cocktail Bar  everything is connected by the classic and make us feel in that same spirit: like you’re in a place taken off a classic movie.

Simmons bar 

When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

(photo © Simmons Bar website)

Going to the Simmons Bar is like travelling back time to this retro chic feeling of the 60’s. For sure this one goes to the list of bars decoration that we want to copy and recreate. From the lights do the furniture, everything in here call you to have a good time and even have a little dance at the end of a long day.

A Place Called Happiness: Coffee Houses in Finland

The Escapologist

When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

(photo © The Escapologist facebook)

The Escapologist offers you the possibility of appreciating the amazing space inside, or just spending some time at the rooftop, so you can get the best of two worlds. Although when you’re about to go in to the bar, it look like you’re entering into an adventure world behind a secret door.


When Mid-Century Modern Became a Style

(photo © design my night)

Disrupte is the kind that will made make you keep your phone in your hands all the time. Is difficult to take your way off his modern interior design. His colorful look is inspired by the 60’s, although with a contemporary side that is always there.

Were you with doubts about schedule your visit to London? This city is more than about the culture in the streets, it is also about the culture that is transferred to the inside of the places and to the interiors decoration. So, keep in mind some of this places to see in London as well.


Not in London? No problem, you can take the virtual tour of Covet London here!Artisans and Designers Sharing the Culture!

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