London Gin Palaces

gin palace is an English name originally for a lavish bar selling gin, later transferred by association to late Victorian pubs designed in a similar style.

In the 18th century, gin shops or ‘dram shops’ were just small shops (often originally chemist’s shops as gin originally had medicinal associations) that sold gin mostly to take away, or to drink standing up. As the legislation changed establishments generally became larger; they also had to be licensed and sell ale or wine. In the late 1820s the first ‘Gin Palaces’ were built, Thompson and Fearon’s in Holborn and Weller’s in Old Street, London. They were based on the new fashionable shops being built at the time, fitted out at great expense and lit by gas lights.

Gin_Palace London Gin Palaces London Gin Palaces Gin Palace

Londoners are drinking gin like it’s going out of fashion. Which it did for a bit, around the 1980s. But now it’s back with a vengeance. The spirit has a long history, much of it disreputable, and new cocktail bars are having fun rummaging in the vintage dressing-up box, finding design inspiration from New York speakeasies, Parisian jazz bars and, increasingly, the sort of low-lit Victorian drinking establishment where you might have rubbed velvet-clad shoulders with Whistler or Wilde.

gin London Gin Palaces London Gin Palaces gin

Some best known gin bars in London are Graphic Bar, Dukes hotel, Portobello Star Bar, the Viaduct Tavern, Match Bar, The Gilbert’s Gin Garden, the Star at Night and Purl.

@Star at Nightthe-star-at-night-best-gin-bars-in-london London Gin Palaces London Gin Palaces the star at night best gin bars in london

Portobello Star Barportobellostar-2-best-gin-bars-in-london London Gin Palaces London Gin Palaces portobellostar 2 best gin bars in london

@Graphic Bargraphic-bar-best-gin-bars-in-london London Gin Palaces London Gin Palaces graphic bar best gin bars in london

And sure you hear about Spismith, the London Gin Club and City of London Distillery.

Are you a gin lover? I guess you visit some of  these places, then. Tell me about your experience!

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