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DECOREX 2016 is finally upon us and the most renowned high end and luxurious interior brands have come together to exhibit in Syon Park. We have chosen our top 5 media partners to the furniture show Decorex 2016 that are constantly inspiring great style and interiors!

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House & Garden Magazine

House and Garden Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS house garden magazine uk march 2012 10825922 640x848House & Garden focuses on interior design, entertaining and gardening. This magazine is one of the most influential and successful interior magazines and the British Edition is highly regarded through the décor world. They have partnered with Decorex 2016 which also displays the best of luxury interior design.

Coveted MagazineDecorex 2016 Coveted Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS covet edition magazine second edition 06 640x722

Coveted is a relatively new luxury and design magazine released only this year. Coveted magazine goes hand in hand with Decorex 2016 as their target market and aesthetic focus on high end interior inspirations. This magazine isn’t only already international in the design world but trendy and influential.

4th-edition-coveted-magazine Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS 4th edition coveted magazine 640x111Sleeper Magazine

Decorex 2016 Sleeper Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS SLEEPERMAGAZINE 640x747Sleeper has partnered with Decorex 2016 as its focus is luxury interiors of hotels. Perfect for anyone involved with the creation of new hotels to developers, arquitects, interior designers and of course hotel groups. Sleeper host their own industry-leading events such as the European Hotel Design Awards.

Elle DecorationDecorex 2016 Elle Decoration Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS elle decor magazine elle decoration november 2010 for elle decoration uk 640x833Elle Decoration is one of the world’s leading homes and lifestyle magazines giving inspiration on elegant home décor to travel. Elle Decoration has become a symbol of international styles from individual pieces to rooms and entire homes. They also focus on the pairing with fashion as well as architecture and structural design.

Dolce Vita Diamond

dolce-vita-diamond Decorex 2016 TOP DECOREX 2016 MEDIA PARTNERS Dolce Vita Diamond 640x906Dolce Vita Diamond is a slightly different type of magazine as it is not primarily focused just on interiors. This high end magazine covers everything for a luxury lifestyle from Yachts & Boats, Fashion, Healthy & Beauty to Art & Design.


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