Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth

Callender Howorth, a multi-discipline luxury interior design firm, is headed by award-winning interior designer Mark Howorth, and undertakes both residential and commercial interior design projects in London, Nice, Monaco and beyond. Completing projects to an exceptionally high standard, the experienced team comprises specialists from all walks of the interior design industry. The passionate designers are inspired by colours and materials, and constantly seek to maximise the potential of any space in new and exciting ways.

Today we are pleased to share with you some stunning images of Cordy House project. The penthouse apartment in London’s Shoreditch has been transformed into a truly special place.

Take a look at these images and surely you will find some great interior design ideas!

Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth bb upholstery 750


The Cordy House project is furnished with items from around the world, including a table sourced from the Eiffel tower.

This most recent enterprise required meticulous planning, as the team scoured the planet for interesting furnishings to achieve an eclectic feel for their client. The inviting interior was designed with the brief of keeping the space light, bright, airy and fresh.

Penthouse interior design1 Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth IMG 2281

The open-plan apartment enjoys a bold, colourful look: the dining room has a classic feel with a colourful, vintage chandelier and an oversized feature mirror; the living area is kept bright with a combination of colours, patterns and textures; the kitchen is contemporary, with feature lights and classic decorative pieces; and the bedroom is decorated with landscape wallpaper and vintage table lamps.

interior design ideas Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth IMG 2309

Andrew Fleming, Creative Director at Callender Howorth, said of the Cordy House project: “it has a very eclectic feel, mixing lots of different styles and textures together, from the contemporary to the traditional.”

Callender Howorth Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth IMG 2301

The Callender Howorth team merged traditional and modern furniture pieces to evoke a feeling of sophistication. The overall aim was to create a modern, stylish space, using as much colour as possible, whilst keeping the apartment contemporary, light and characterful. The open-plan layout makes full use of the penthouse’s space, and creates the perfect area for socialising.

IMG_2310 Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth IMG 2310

Callender Howorth’s multi-discipline team of interior architects and designers transformed a completely empty space into a contemporary residence. The final result was extremely well received by the home owner and is the latest addition to an impressive portfolio for Callender Howorth, who were shortlisted last year for the prestigious SBID International Design Award in the ‘Residential Project under £1m’ category.

IMG_2326 Callender Howorth Cordy House Project by Callender Howorth IMG 2326

Hope you got inspired by this stunning project created by the remarkable team of designers, Callender Howorth!

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